Validate service in an ontario divorce action.

In an ontario divorce simple, or toronto divorce simple, where your spouse has been served with the application for divorce and that the divorce application HAS COME to their attention and that your spouse is NOT willing to sign and return the acknowledgement of receipt and or co-operate in your divorce, you can validate service of the divorce application and all other court documents.
To apply to Validate service in an ontario divorce, or toronto divorce, please confirm the following information before you purchase these forms:
1. The only claim you make is a divorce.
2. There are no assets or property for division.
3. You have notified your spouse that you are starting a divorce application.
4. Your spouse has provided their current address.
5. Your spouse has notified that he / she may not co-operate in this divorce proceeding.
6. You did mail or register mail to your spouse, the Application for Divorce and all other documents in this proceeding.
7. Your spouse has admitted to you that the divorce application has come to their attention OR your spouse has not responded to you to confirm receipt of the mail or registered mail, however you have confirmation of delivery from the post office.
8. The Application for Divorce and all other documents in this proceeding mailed to your spouse has come or would have come to their attention if they had not been evading service.
9. There are no children OR there are children and child support is paid OR you have commenced legal action in a different court proceeding to seek child support from your spouse.
Please complete the form, make a payment and receive your form.


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