Dispense with service in an ontario divorce action

In an ontario divorce simple where you can not locate your spouse and serve (deliver) the court documents on them, you can request and Dispense with the service.
To apply to Dispense with service (delivery) of the documents in an ontario divorce simple, please confirm the following information before you proceed and purchase these forms:
1. The only claim you make is a divorce.
2. You can not locate your spouse under normal circumstances.
3. There has been no communication and you have lost all contact with your spouse.
4. Your spouse has or may have left the country.
5. All reasonable attempts made to locate your spouse have failed.
6. You do not have any contact information for your spouse's immediate family members.
7. Under normal circumstances you can not locate your spouse.
8. There are no assets or property for division.
9. There are no children of marriage or there are children and child support has been sought in a different action.


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