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1How secure is my information?
All your information is encrypted and a security technology is used to protect the privacy and security of our members information. There are specific security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. All data passing from your computer to this web site is authenticated and encrypted using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This is the most advanced level of encryption used by banks and is made available to you. This means that any information sent from your http://www.verisign.com/computer is scrambled making it entirely incomprehensible if intercepted. The padlock at the bottom right hand side of your screen is the security certificate that provides assurance to user that the encryption is in place and that you are communicating across a secure link.
2My credit card information is secure?
We do not have access to any of your credit card information. All credit card transactions are processed through a third party secure gateway, and are used for making the current transaction only. No credit card information is made available to us.
3What Guarantees do you offer?
Our service is 100% guaranteed. We offer a 100% guarantee that you will be able to obtain the correct legal forms as prescribed by the relevant Statutes and Regulations. We guarantee the format of each and every form provided by quick legal forms Inc. If for any reason, our forms are rejected at the court as a result of incorrect format only, and with evidence, excluding the information you have entered or provided, we guarantee to provide you with a revised version of the legal forms at no charge, or in alternative provide a full refund.
4How do I resolve a dispute in child support payments?
You can bring an Application to claim child support in ontario, or an action to stop child support or vary the amount of child support you are paying, only if your circumstances since the date of the order have changed.
5How do I obtain access/visitation to my child(ren)?
You can bring an application to correct this situation at any time.
6I am not the natural father of the child, can I stop paying child support?
You can start or defend a legal action to stop the payments.
7Can I make a change to a final order for access, child support or custody of the child(ren)?
You can start or defend a legal action to make the necessary changes.
8 I need an ontario divorce or a toronto divorce?
a) SEPARATION- You must have lived separate and apart from the spouse for at least one year. Either you or your spouse must have lived in Ontario for at least one year. There must be no possibility of returning to live together. You can use Application Simple if there is no co-operation from the spouse or Application Joint if there is co-operation. b) ADULTERY- You can start your ontario divorce application simple now, and separation is not necessary if you find it intolerable to continue and live with your spouse. There must be no possibility of reconciliation. You do require evidence that the spouse has committed adultery. Evidence can be, your spouse admitting to you or a third party to the act of adultery. All evidence must be in the form of a sworn affidavit. c) CRUELTY (physical or mental) - You can start your ontario divorce application simple now. You do not need to be separated for one year. There must be no possibility of reconciliation. You do require evidence to prove cruelty such as a police report if there has been assault or a doctor's report if there has been physical or mental injuries caused as a result of your spouse's behaviour.
9I have no address for the spouse, OR the spouse is evading service, How can I proceed?
You can Dispense with the service, OR you can Validate the Service, OR you can Substitute Service in your divorce action.
10I want to make changes to my information on the forms?
Your information can be changed, simply re-submit the form with the changes or contact us.
11I need legal advice from an Ontario lawyer?
An Ontario lawyer will contact you to meet with you.
12I have to pay court fees?
Yes. Court fees are payable to the Minister of Finance and are payable in all cases unless there is hardship at which time fees in a case may be waived by the court.

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